Our Instructors

Rachel Goransson

Owner / Instructor

As a ballet dancer, Rachel was introduced to Pilates as a form of cross training and injury prevention. She fell in love with it immediately and worked to incorporate Pilates into daily regimen. She attributes her relatively injury-free career to Pilates and has enjoyed performing professionally in various ballets with the Mercyhurst Dancers, Lake Erie Ballet, and the Nashville Ballet.

Rachel has always had an interest in the human body in addition to maintaining optimal performance as a dancer. As an instructor, she strives to teach my students to work with their own individual bodies, and to make every exercise personal to each student's needs.

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mercyhurst College and her comprehensive Pilates Certification with Balanced Body.

Tina Tricomi


Tina has been an employee at Lahey Clinic in Burlington for over 21 years. She spent 13 years as a Unit Coordinator in the SICU and is currently a Clinic Assistant in the Department of Neurology.

Tina has always had a passion for fitness and various forms of exercise. Over the past 16 years, Pilates has become a major part of her daily fitness regimen. In addition to teaching Pilates at Lahey Clinic for over 6 years, Tina teaches a Pilates/Yoga blend class at Roots Yoga and a Barre class at Firebeat Dancesport Studios.

Though working full-time and raising four children, Tina has found that exercise, especially Pilates, is a great way to balance a very busy life! Tina holds her Pilates certification from Balanced Body University and recently received a new certificate from Barre Boston in Arlington, MA.

Marisa Morello


Marisa's Pilates journey began 16 years ago. After achieving her dream of working in publishing she quickly learned that sitting all day was making her back very unhappy! After just a month of Pilates sessions her back issues went away and she had a new dream: helping others feel as good as she did! She began teaching Classical Pilates in 2003 and has worked in studios throughout Greater Boston, Southern New Hampshire and Greater Toronto. She is fully certified in all levels of mat, tower, reformer, cadillac, chair, barrels, foot corrector, spine corrector, balls, bands, magic circle and the foam roller.

In addition to her comprehensive certifications, Marisa has completed many workshops ranging from anatomy to functional movement. After receiving a special certification from the Pink Ribbon Program's “Pilates for Post-Surgical Breast Cancer Patients”, Marisa created a created a pro-bono rehab program for survivors. Marisa uses Pilates to help open tight hips and backs and avoid/reverse osteopenia and osteoporosis. Marisa also specializes in neurological conditions (helping to create neurological pathways to regain movement), pregnancy, improving balance, meniscus issues, osteoporosis/osteopenia, and joint weakness. In addition, she assists in special conditioning for pre-/post-surgery. She has worked with dancers from the Boston Ballet and teens looking to increase core strength and stamina in sports, poor posture or back issues. Marisa studied with: Bob Leikens, Susan Moran, Kathy Van Patten, Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segal (both trained under Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates' protégé).

Marisa graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition with honors where she received a diploma in Holistic Nutrition. She runs her own business as a holistic nutrition consultant called Eating to Feel Good. Marisa specializes in digestive health with a focus on special dietary needs including eating for IBS, ADHD, Type 2 Diabetes, balancing thyroid and other hormones, sports nutrition, celiac, food allergies and sensitivities.